Have you watched the naughty VanotiDako Video? Hillarious and naughty it is

If you are a Facebook regular you are probably aware of the Hot sasi doing the rounds these days, it goes like VanotiDako, or MunotiDako,. The phrase has been coined from some hot Sungura song doing the rounds called Vanotidako. Now I guess the artiste meant well but people are now deliberately misconstruing the last half part of the title for naughty ends. Click on the image below to download the video, listen to the lyrics, its really hillarious. Its about 3 megabytes



Click on this iamge to download the video

Click on this iamge to download the video

On the off-chance that you are having problems clicking the image above, try this direct link with your download manager or whatever method use to download files


Hmmm, but on second thoughts i think the artiste is the naughty one here. I mean the lyrics go like,


Kuchipinge MunotiDako

Tiripano parank kuenda KwaMutare svike vanotidako, Svike vanotiDako

Chipinge munotiDako, Chiredzi munotiDako, zvagara MunotiDako

Makatichayira fone kuti munotiDako, tichangogara tichiuyako, kana MuchitiDako


Lolest, what do you think guys, who has the dirtiest mind here?